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2017/06/24: Reacting to Kake scandal, Abe now urges even more new animal medicine departments
2017/06/23: Probe Abe’s ties with the media, Maekawa urges
2017/06/22: Opposition parties compel Abe to reopen Diet for Kake probe, invoking Article 53
2017/06/20: Another confirmed Kake document adds to pile suggesting Abe favoritism
2017/06/20: Tough kindergartens finding favor with Japanese parents
2017/06/19: Moritomo Gakuen raided for suspected subsidy fraud
2017/06/18: Cabinet’s support rate sinks to 44.9% as scandals, conspiracy law take toll
2017/06/16: Officials deny remarks attributed to them in Kake papers
2017/06/15: Impoverished students march for ¥1,500 minimum wage
2017/06/15: Education ministry says Kake papers exist after follow-up probe, dealing a blow to Abe’s Cabinet
2017/06/15: Conspiracy law ramrodded through Diet as opposition reckons with ruling camp tactics
2017/06/15: Protestors rally at Diet as conspiracy law is rammed through
2017/06/14: Conspiracy theory becomes frightening reality for Japan
2017/06/14: Last-minute conspiracy bill vote roils Diet
2017/06/14: Ministry official says leakers in Kake Gakuen scandal could face punishment
2017/06/12: Number of foreign students at public schools who lack Japanese language skills hits record high
2017/06/12: Amid labor shortage, Japan Inc. warming to four-day workweek
2017/06/12: Kake Gakuen probe to be relaunched without third party oversight, Suga implies
2017/06/10: Arrogant Abe disrespects U.N. and the press
2017/06/09: After intense media pressure, education ministry moves to reopen Kake Gakuen probe
2017/06/08: As investigative reports grow, Suga rebuffs demands to reopen Kake probe
2017/06/06: Freedom of expression under siege in Okinawa
2017/06/04: Tackling signs in Japan that you’re not welcome
2017/06/02: Unanswered Kake Gakuen questions
2017/06/02: Email verifies document behind Kake-Abe scandal: Democratic Party
2017/06/02: Niigata trainee doctor’s suicide deemed another case of ‘karoshi’

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