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2017/05/23: Lawmakers ram conspiracy bill through Lower House as U.N. expert slams Tokyo
2017/05/22: University admission tests warrant skepticism
2017/05/22: A year after enactment of hate speech law, xenophobic rallies down by nearly half
2017/05/19: Will there be a price to free education?
2017/05/19: Legal experts decry state’s false rationale for conspiracy bill
2017/05/19: Ruling bloc shoves conspiracy bill through Lower House judiciary panel
2017/05/14: Freelancing shines for flexibility but dark side awaits
2017/05/12: Moritomo Gakuen to lose nursery license, Osaka mayor says
2017/05/08: Companies squirm as tricky labor law revision on switching employment status closes in
2017/05/06: Yamaguchi woman’s death recognized as case of ‘karoshi’ despite overtime figures falling below official threshold
2017/05/05: Most nonregular workers ignorant of 2013 labor rule allowing for indefinite employment: survey
2017/05/04: State secrets being shredded under legal loophole in divisive 2014 law
2017/05/02: Teachers have fewer rights than students
2017/04/28: Over half of junior high teachers found working risky levels of overtime
2017/04/28: Bullying in schools keeps youth suicide rate high
2017/04/27: Mystery deepens over Moritomo land deal as recording with Finance Ministry emerges
2017/04/26: High court rejects appeal by teachers refused work for not standing and singing national anthem
2017/04/26: Time to act on insights from landmark survey of Japan’s foreign residents
2017/04/25: Dentsu may face prosecution for overwork suicide
2017/04/25: When high achievement is a pyrrhic victory
2017/04/24: Prewar bayonetting martial art makes return to schools
2017/04/23: The cost of convenience in Japan: when foreign students work instead of study
2017/04/23: Change to ethics textbook has bakeries up in arms
2017/04/18: Saitama labor office recognizes death of Inageya employee as case of ‘karoshi’
2017/04/16: Million-dollar teachers: Cashing in by selling their lessons
2017/04/15: The real Moritomo Gakuen story is clear as mud

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