Education, Labor & Human Rights news in Japan: 2018 [page 1]

01/21: Abused foreign trainees pressured to leave labor union by technical intern program’s supervising body AHM
01/16: University entrance exam question on Moomins series leaves Japanese students bewildered
01/13: Press failing to question the legal process
01/11: Schools tapping smartphone and tablet apps to engage a new generation
01/10: Part-time lecturers form union to fight back against university’s massive job-cut plan
01/10: Number of households in Japan on welfare hit record high in October
01/10: Coming of age: 1 in 8 new adults in Tokyo are not Japanese, ward figures show
01/10: Time for Japan to scrub off that blackface — for good
01/09: About 40 percent of foreign workers feel discriminated against at Japanese firms, survey finds
01/03: In 2017, Japan woke up to the issue of discrimination
01/02: Abuses still abound in labor-strapped Japan’s foreign ‘trainee’ worker system

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