Education, Labor & Human Rights news in Japan: 2018 [page 1]

07/20: In wake of Moritomo scandal government unveils steps to bolster document management, but external oversight remains taboo
07/17: Is Japan a land of contradictions or opportunities for immigration?
07/16: Robots will make life grim for the working class
07/13: Poverty in Japan: Underclass struggles to achieve upward mobility
07/10: Major Japan firms dish out 2.53 percent wage hike on average during spring labor talks
07/07: Rose-tinted views of elderly workers’ plight
07/07: Number of workers suffering from work-related mental disorders hits a record high
07/04: Fukuoka’s ‘guest teachers’ of English outstay their welcome
07/03: Question arises from dropping of charges against bureaucrat falsifying official documents
06/30: Shinzo Abe’s Kake Gakuen scandal refuses to lie down and die
06/29: Diet enacts key labor reform that opposition slams as ‘karōshi promotion’ bill
06/27: Tokyo lawmakers approve anti-smoking ordinance as capital gears up for 2020 Olympics
06/25: Woman worker dismissed after extending parental leave due to difficulty in finding childcare services
06/24: Two Japan Supreme Court cases clarify when discrimination against fixed-term workers is OK
06/23: Major insurance company raises annual overtime cap to 540 hours
06/23: Public remains ignorant of the hazards associated with smoking
06/22: Hiroshima Prefecture to open International Baccalaureate school as it looks to move away from Japan’s passive education style
06/22: New graduates hope for work-life balance rather than boardroom role
06/19: Kotaro Kake denies meeting Abe to discuss school project amid cronyism claims
06/16: Even less than 100 hours’ overtime a month causes ‘karoshi’
06/15: Second jobs, once rare in Japan, are reshaping attitudes about work
06/13: 1 in 2 Sony workers are under 'discretionary' labor system and may technically be driven to work 23 hrs. a day
06/13: Private-sector test results to account for 20% of national university English entrance exam scores
06/12: Hokkaido University withdraws from Defense Ministry’s research grant program
06/06: JCP gets inside scoop on Moritomo-related document scandal
06/05: Inquest sought in Osaka into decision not to indict Finance Ministry officials over document tampering
06/04: Finance Ministry punishes Nobuhisa Sagawa and 19 other officials over Moritomo document tampering
06/04: Kobe educational official and school principal concealed bullying records in suicide case
06/03: Finance Ministry officials say Nobuhisa Sagawa ordered falsification of Moritomo papers: sources
06/03: Face the reality of racism in Japan
06/03: Young Japanese warming to idea of switching jobs as employment prospects grow: surveys