Education, Labor & Human Rights news in Japan: 2018 [page 1]

04/18: More Vietnamese trainees made to conduct Fukushima decontamination work, union says
04/18: Seven-Eleven store owner claims chain forced him to stay open during Fukui blizzard: union
04/15: Tens of thousands of protesters demonstrate outside Diet, demand ‘liar’ Abe’s resignation over scandals
04/13: Fresh document linked to Kake Gakuen facility turns up at Japan’s agriculture ministry
04/12: Abe under threat as Kake Gakuen scandal roars back to life
04/12: Japan looks to offer longer stays for technical interns, with caveats it hopes will limit immigration debate
04/11: In Diet, Abe denies account in Ehime document over approval for Kake Gakuen vet school
04/10: Document suggests Kake Gakuen vet school bid was of personal interest to Abe: report
04/09: Financial Bureau head admits official asked Moritomo Gakuen to lie about waste removal
04/09: Vietnamese trainee in Japan sent home after asking for paid leave
04/07: In Japan no one wants to talk about sex education
04/06: Labor reform bill passed by Japanese government despite opposition criticism
04/06: Aichi day care worker’s apology for getting pregnant highlights labor crunch in female-dominated sectors
04/05: The amount borrowed for enrolling in private universities hits record high
04/04: Japan labor authorities say death of worker at Renesas unit was linked to overwork
04/01: The challenges facing Japan’s universities
03/31: Too much of an education could be bad for your future
03/30: Some Japanese school rules allow teachers to check even the color of female students' panties
03/30: Tokyo metropolitan ordinance enacted despite potential crackdown on civic rights
03/28: Where there’s smoke, there’s death
03/28: Koike: Sagawa falls far short of providing answers regarding ‘Moritomo’ scandal
03/27: Abe ‘wasn’t involved’ in doctoring documents, key Moritomo witness Nobuhisa Sagawa tells Diet
03/27: Low income households to get financial break on Japan’s university English tests
03/25: Dodgy data spared Japan’s workers from a labor system that’s ripe for abuse, for now
03/24: Ex-Moritomo president: PM’s wife knew how the land deal was progressing
03/23: Kagoike certain Akie Abe spoke favorably to him about Moritomo land deal, lawmakers say after detention visit
03/23: Education ministry works to curb excessive overtime by teachers
03/21: Springtime in Japan brings the sadness of the eikaiwa exodus
03/21: State interference in school education and Nippon Kaigi
03/20: Education minister denies LDP lawmakers are pursuing Kake scandal whistleblower
03/20: Internal documents reveal that 90% of secret Japanese government funds were spent without receipts