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2017/10/15: U.N. privacy expert challenges Japan’s defense of conspiracy law
2017/10/15: Duck and cover: Regulation by and for the state, through the Japanese people
2017/10/14: Success is elusive on the wrong side of the wealth gap
2017/10/13: Japan’s student grant system could leave university grads in deep black hole of debt
2017/10/10: Tokyo Olympic stadium worker’s suicide recognized as being related to overwork
2017/10/07: NHK chairman apologizes to parents of reporter who died from overwork
2017/10/06: Court orders Dentsu to pay $4,400 fine over illegal working hours that led to suicide of 24-year-old recruit
2017/10/04: Five-nation crackdown hits half of Japanese-language schools
2017/10/01: Case is latest battle in long war against sexual harassment
2017/09/30: The education system still has much to learn
2017/09/26: Is education in Japan really so bad?
2017/09/24: Could even a missile alert stop Japanese from going to the office?
2017/09/23: In Japan under Shinzo Abe, more power to the PM, but to what end?
2017/09/23: Political protest or textbook harassment?
2017/09/22: At trial, Dentsu chief admits ad giant guilty of ignoring illegal levels of overtime
2017/09/20: Japan doesn’t need to criminalize hate speech
2017/09/17: Finally, non-Japanese residents can draw pensions after 10 years of paying in
2017/09/15: 32.2% of new 2014 grads quit first job within three years: survey
2017/09/15: Japan Post must compensate nonregular workers on allowances but not pay: district court
2017/09/13: Japan Post pay gaps between regular, nonregular workers unjustifiable: Tokyo District Court
2017/09/13: Hong Kong’s lesson in accountability for Japan’s ailing universities
2017/09/13: Japan ranked last among 34 nations for public spending on education in 2014: OECD
2017/09/13: Inspectors link Cambodian trainee’s depression to workplace abuse
2017/09/08: Rule change lets education boards vary summer holidays to increase family time
2017/09/07: Osaka hospital will review 300-hour monthly overtime limit after document’s release
2017/09/05: Education ministry to update teacher database to prevent repeat cases of sexual abuse
2017/09/05: Chinese universities climb world rankings as University of Tokyo slips to lowest position ever
2017/09/03: Tight market and new labor law improving job security for Japan’s army of contract workers
2017/08/30: Kin sue Kitakyushu over ex-city part-timer’s suicide, claiming harassment and right to pursue redress
2017/08/29: More Japanese apply to be labor inspectors in wake of Dentsu overwork death
2017/08/29: Japan adopts guidelines to cut long work hours in construction, transport sectors
2017/08/28: Is Japan’s annual student achievement test worth the cost?

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