Japan, Education & Labor news:  2017 [page 1]

2017/08/17: Working long hours pointless if not productive
2017/08/16: Labor-short Japan embraces robot takeover
2017/08/13: METI to launch monthly ‘Telework Day’ to promote flexible working environments
2017/08/12: The role of rules in a ‘moral education’
2017/08/10: Record 4,004 firms with trainees from abroad found to have violated labor laws in 2016
2017/08/09: More Japanese may be studying abroad, but not for long
2017/08/09: Family of Zeria worker who killed himself during training program sues for ¥100 million
2017/08/02: Japan Inc. May Have to Pay Up
2017/08/01: Todai professors accused of falsifying research data
2017/07/31: Loopholes let records pertaining to Abe’s scandals slip through the cracks
2017/07/31: Ibaraki school, education board hit for concealing girl’s bullying-linked suicide when probing classmates
2017/07/31: Kagoikes arrested over alleged subsidy fraud involving Moritomo Gakuen schools plugged by Abe’s wife
2017/07/30: Are university teachers in Japan covered by the ‘five-year rule’?
2017/07/29: Labor reforms come up short for Japan’s ‘precariat’
2017/07/29: Unpopular ‘Premium Friday’ campaign in danger of fizzling out
2017/07/29: Rural Gunma city to start English-immersion program targeting urban students
2017/07/27: After drawing union flak, Rengo drops support for labor law revision targeting highly skilled workers
2017/07/27: 2016 ministry probe of some 24,000 firms nationwide finds two-thirds violated labor laws
2017/07/25: Abe revises statements on Kake scandal in Diet after opposition raises discrepancies
2017/07/24: In Diet appearance, Abe tells panel he never rigged approval process for Kake Gakuen project
2017/07/23: Survey finds Abe’s support rating fell to 26 percent ahead of Diet grilling on Kake Gakuen scandal
2017/07/21: Suicide of Tokyo Olympics stadium worker should be deemed death from overwork: lawyer
2017/07/20: Veterinary group alleges minister said Kake Gakuen chosen for project months before announcement
2017/07/16: New kid on the block gets the least help in Japan’s schools
2017/07/15: Fundraising loopholes, a political norm
2017/07/15: Who is keeping an eye on Japan’s surveillance power?
2017/07/14: Labor federation Rengo blinks on Abe’s merit-based pay plan
2017/07/14: Abe’s support rate slides to under 30%, poll says
2017/07/13: Dentsu will face open trial over high-profile ‘karoshi’ case, summary court orders
2017/07/13: Abe agrees to Diet session to address alleged Kake cronyism
2017/07/11: Abe pushing for Rengo, Keidanren to OK 104-day mandatory leave system for skilled workers

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