Our aims:

UTU's two primary functions are as follows:

To Act as a Forum
To act as a local and national English-language forum for teachers to express views about problems that affect all university instructors openly and without fear of reprisal — a concern for teachers in many school-organized unions. Together with our affiliate unions, we aim to regularly present our views to the Japanese educational administrative authorities.

To Negotiate
Since our parent union, NUGW, is legally registered as a labor union under Japanese law, it has the power to act as a negotiator between schools and union members. If you, as a union member, are mistreated by your employer, UTU with NUGW can act on your behalf.

UTU functions in these two ways in order to achieve its fundamental objectives.

Fundamental Objectives:
UTU's fundamental objective is to work towards and better and fairer environment in the Japanese university education sector. UTU aims to:
  • Work with NUGW Tokyo Nambu to protect and enhance the rights of all workers in Japan;
  • Defend our members' rights and offer solidarity to fellow trade unionists;
  • Provide a forum for discussing work-related issues;
  • Act against all forms of discrimination and harassment in the workplace;
  • Promote the creation of working environments in which professionalism and quality education are encouraged.
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