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The University Teachers Union (UTU) is a labor organization founded in January, 1999, to represent teachers at universities in Japan. UTU members include both full- and part-time university teachers, most of whom are working at institutions in the Kanto region.

UTU is an affiliate of two larger bodies, the National Union of General Workers (NUGW) and the Union of University Part-time Lecturers (UUPTL).

National Union of General Workers
NUGW has been in existence since 1955. It organizes workers primarily at small and medium-sized enterprises. Since the mid-1970s, NUGW has been organizing foreign language school teachers. There are now several hundred foreign members in branches of NUGW all around Japan. UTU is based at the Tokyo Nambu Branch in Shimbashi. This office also houses the NUGW National Center. UTU is also building links with other teachers in NUGW through the national network. The NUGW National Center's website is to be found at www.nugw.org

Union of University Part-time Lecturers
UUPTL is based at Tokyo area colleges and universities. Its aim is to improve teaching and working conditions for university part-timers by exchanging information, researching current working conditions and negotiating with universities (and government ministries) such issues as salary, bonuses, health examinations, insurance, pensions, unfair dismissals and others. The union was founded on April 1, 1996, has more than 500 members (as of 2016) and membership is on the increase. It also has established a network with other teachers’ unions in Japan. People of all nationalities are welcome.
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