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The University Teachers Union (大学教員組合) is a member union of the 2,200-strong National Union of General Workers Tokyo Nambu (全国一般労働組合東京南部), an affiliate of the National Trade Unions Council, Zenrokyo (全国労働組合連絡協議会).

UTU represents both part-time and full-time university teachers in the Tokyo area. Our aims are:

  • to maintain and improve the working conditions of our members
  • to offer solidarity to fellow trade unionists in Japan and overseas
  • to challenge discrimination based on ethnicity, age, gender or sexual orientation
  • to work towards the creation of working environments in which professionalism and quality education are promoted

(If you work in the Kansai region or southern Japan, click here for help.)


Are Your Working Conditions Fair? Find out about labour law:

Basic Guide for Foreign Workers and list of
Labour Bureaus with Foreign Workers' Consultation Services

Download the Tokyo Foreign Workers' Handbook for information about:

  1. Labour Contracts (including the application of Labour Laws and Regulations to foreign nationals, the principles of labour contracts, and rules of employment)
  2. Wages (including the guarantee of wages, minimum wages, and annual salary system)
  3. Working Hours, Holidays and Annual Leave (including legal working hours and holidays, annual paid leave, maternity leave, and child care leave)
  4. Resignation and Dismissal


Are you on a fixed-term contract?

Download UTU's Guide to Fixed-Term Contract Renewal in Japan.

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